Solutions for Fresno’s Future 

The future of Fresno starts in District 7.  As your Councilman, Brian will focus on solutions that will renew our neighborhoods and keep our streets safe. To do that, he’ll use every tool in the toolbox to get the City to act for you.

District 7 residents know better than most what it means to struggle with the constant grip of crime.


It is critical that we have the necessary officers to keep our streets safe:  I will work with the City Council and the Mayor to put 1,000 police officers on our streets of Fresno to keep our families safe.


Additionally, I will work with Chief Dyer and members of law enforcement to develop new solutions and strategies to reduce crime along the Blackstone Avenue corridor and in our neighborhoods by expanding the technology that fuels Fresno Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center.


Lastly, I will be the greatest advocate to fight and ensure that the Central Policing District, which recently reopened, will continue to stay open and operating for many years to come.

As your Council member, I will make it my mission to ensure that our streets and sidewalks are safe.

I am ready to use every tool available to the City to crack down on illegal dumping and keep our neighborhoods free from the scourge of dumping. Additionally, I will work to maintain the progress on sidewalk and street repairs. 

Importantly, we must work to adequately and aggressively deal with vagrancy across central Fresno. As your Councilman, I will work to connect those truly in need with services at MapPoint while coordinating with law enforcement to stop rampant criminal behavior.

Lastly, I will maintain the focus necessary to ensure that the progress made to stop slumlords preying on our neighbors continues at full throttle through the City’s ASET and Rental Registry programs. 

A true renewal for Fresno starts with good-paying jobs and flourishing businesses.

Small business owners are still waiting an eternity to get approval from the City for a new project. The City should not be responsible for putting small businesses out of business. We must cut the red tape and expedite the permitting and planning process that costs all businesses – big and small – unspeakable amounts of money.

As your Councilman, I will work to cut the red tape and aggressively recruit job creators and their good-paying jobs to central Fresno.


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